Past Life Regression

Past life regression can give you a peek into your previous life and give you a chance to make amends in your present life, if you are facing a problem/issue/situation which has become a constant in your life , past life regression will help you to get to  the root cause as it might be connected to your previous life karma which is creating blockages in your present life.

You could be facing issues like health issue even after medical aid, marriage failure or late marriage, bad parent child relationship, heavy financial loss.

Examples of questions that you can ask in the sessions :

₹3,500 for 6 questions
  • Who were you in your past life (male/female)?
  • Where were you born?
  • What was your occupation/career?
  • What was your relationship in your past life with your present family members/spouse/partner?
  • What are the karmic blockages that you are facing in this lifetime because of past karmas?
  • Remedies to cut of the effects of bas past life karma.

This session has proved to be life changing for a lot of people. Though somehow people are chosen in the universe that whether they can know about their past or not.

If you take up this session than for sure universe wants to give you some insight from your past which is much needed right now.

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